Program for coming days

Sunday the 26th

19:00 Voku and drinks
20:00 Open meeting to discuss the future of the place
22:00 Punk night and concerts. Bring your instruments and amplifiers and do your thing!

Monday the 27th

10:00 Yoga and massage
13:00 Graffiti Jam. Bring spray cans and wooden boards if you can!
14:00 Intro to free software movement
16:00 Presentation of DIY laser cutter
18:00 Barricading 101
19:00 Voku and drinks
19:30 Political campaigning
21:00 Security on the street: CCTV part 1
23:00 Movie

Tuesday the 28th

13:00 Banner painting
13:00 File sharing online
15:00 Excursion
18:00 Info talk on recent repression against activists in Russia and Belarus
19:00 Voku and drinks
20:00 Federated & secure communication systems: diaspora code review + discussion
21:00 Boy scout tricks
22:00 Movie

Wednesday the 29th

13:00 Spirit of Squatters collective – action filming
14:00 Capoeira – bring sport gear!
15:00 Security on the street: CCTV part 2
17:00 Security & privacy online part 1: IRC and Lorea
19:00 Voku and drinks
20:00 Security & privacy online part 2: GPG
23:00 Movie and DJ’s

Always open:

Media Centre – space for sharing all your electronic activist material
Squatters Linux User Group (SLUG) corner
Art Exhibition

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One Response to Program for coming days

  1. Mara says:


    Ik fiets elke dag langs jullie kraakverse pand en zag het programma hangen, alleen helaas niet voor de komende dagen. Zeker de yoga en voku zou ik willen bijwonen. Wordt het programma bekend gemaakt op deze site? Ik zal af en toe kijken.
    Veel succes en hopelijk blijven jullie lang in het pand.